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The largest part of the 8000 km coastline is used for tourism.  Except the Black Sea in the North East which needs to be developed.  This coast is a very green area with many forests due to the greater rainfall it receives which is a great deal more than in other regions.

Parallel to the South Coast runs Taurus-mountains, containing a number of rivers and lakes and also offers an opportunity for skiing in the winter months. 

In the West you will find about 1000 hot, thermal springs with theraputic advantages.  The moon like landscape of Cappadocia also known as Goreme, created by vulcan eruptions which contains many old fresco's and the calcium terraces of Pammukale are well worth a visit.


With English spoken almost everywhere most people will understand you, especially in the touristic centres.  In the schools English is now the most popular foreign language being taught and enables most people to understand you, except in the Eastern regions of Turkey.

In the 20-th  Ataturk changed the Turkish language over to the Latin alphabet with some extra letters and signs added it is the pronounciation that is difficult.  The Turkish language is an  Oeral-Altac language, belonging to the Finnish and Hungarish group with no connections to the German language.  Grammer is very complicated.

Turkey is an efficient country,  buses and trains are running on time and the people say what they mean.  Turks are straight and they will say no when somebody asks them for something that's impossible, instead of making any promises to get no bad faces.

The influence of the Islam is srong and in most of the cars and taxi's you will find these amulettes, the blue eye, to keep the devil and the bad eye outside.



There is a great climate contrast between the fertile lowland at the coastside and the mountains of the inland.  In the east the temperature can fall down to  –40 C  with 120 days of snow, while the Mediterian Coast area have soft winters with a lot of rain and in the summer high temperatures up to 40 – 45 degrees Celsius.  The most rainfall you will find is on the Black Sea area.

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