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When you enter Side you pass the ruins, which most are lying in modern Side.  Just as in Aspendos the theatre is the biggest eyecatcher.  Not  because of the perfect state it is in, but because it's so huge. and that impotates you.  15.000 People could sit in the theatre and nowadays the theatre is used for shows.  When you get the opportunity to go there you must do it.  The acoustic is marvelous.

In the museum which is situated at the other site of the road, opposite the theatre you can see a lot of statues and sacrofagen.

From the big, old city-gate a column boulevard was leading to the ancient harbour. Here you will find the ruins from the Roman temple of Athene and Apollo.  Some of the collumns still are standing:  The Apollotemple. 




Side is the place to be when you want beaches, sun and culture.  When you walk up the entrance street from Side, it's a curiosity.  The beautiful entrance-gate is a warm welcome to the old ancient centre of the small city.You will find everything what's important for a holiday. Long, wide, inviting beaches at the East and the West-site of the peninsula Side.  You can walk for miles from one to the other village. 

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At the west-site of Side you will find the villages Kumkoy and Colakli.  At the east-site there is Sorgun and Titreyengol.  Side itself has small, narrow roads with a lot of jewellery-, leather-, and souvenier shops.  Also you find there a lot of restaurants.

Take care when you walk through the streets of Side, because all salesmen try to talk you to come inside their shops. This is something typical Turkish, but European people do not like it.  When you are not interested in buying something,  do not make eyecontact with the salesmen and they will leave you alone.  When you only want to look in the shop-window then tell them otherwise just go away.


Concerning the restaurants in the harbour:  Always ask what's the price, otherwise there is the possibility that your bill is very high.  Side is welknown for dayexcursions and all these people want to visit the harbour. In the harbour the view is magnificent and people want to have their lunch there.  When you do not ask something first, they will present you the bill and you will be shocked.  The owners from the restaurants know that every day new tourists are coming and they don't care if people are not coming back. A new thing what's happening: You ask for a steak, which in the menu is: 7,- Pounds. When the bill is coming you have to pay: 17,50 Pounds. They just say that the price in the menu is for 100 gram and your steak was 250 gram. That's why the price is so high.

So be warned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Side, as we said already, is wellknown because of it's beautiful beaches.  From our hotel  CONNY’s  it's 400 meter to the beach. Every day there is a free shuttle service provided by the beachbars.


The airport from Antalya is 70 km  away,  also to Alanya it's 70 km.  Side is just in the centre, which also means that the transfers do not take too long.  The hinterland is magnificent and you think it's 50 years ago. The mountains you see are part of the Taurus mountain range,  which you find all over the south of Turkey. 

From  CONNY’s  you can walk to Side, it's only 700 meter to the Antik part.  When you want to go further away you can use 3 kinds of transport.


Taxi’s are recognised because of their yellow color.  Almost all of them are Fiat Doblo's.  You just put your arm in the air when you see one and they will stop.  When you go in look if the meter is on, OR you discuss for the price.  Sometimes when you discuss the price it can be cheaper.​



The Dolmus is a small white minivan.  Most of them are Peugeot or Ford Transit.  You can stop them by raising your hand.  Behind the front window theres a plate on which is mentioned where the dolmus is going to.  You go in and have a seat.  The money (about 4 Lira) you give to the person who's sitting in front of you.  This person gives it to the one in front of him and at the end the money reaches the driver.  The change money comes to you on the same way.  When you want to go out, just shout STOP or DUR (Turkish for stop)  Dolmus means: packed and this happens very often.  In a dolmus there is place for 16 people, but many times you will see 30 or more people in the bus.​



Buses have regular services to the bigger citys.  They go every half an hour to Antalya or Alanya and they are air-conditioned.  Busses you catch from the buss station in Manavgat.  Busstations here are called: Otogar.

400 Meter from  CONNY’s ,  in the direction of Side,  you find the tourist-information-buro.  Here you can take for free: Brochures and maps of Side and surrounding.  Very important when you want to discover things on your own,  maybe by rent-a-car.​


One tip at the end ​​​​

The most expensive brand clothes you can buy here.  However they are all fake.  “Versace – Adidas – Nike – etc…” are copied here in Turkey and sold cheap to the tourist. The quality is good, but take care when you take these clothes back to your country,  because the customs is checking what you bring with you.  This is the same for cigarettes, watches and leather.

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