We like to thank all guests for visiting us in the past years.  We hope to see you again in 2020. Conny & Ad & Team.               


The voltage is 220V.  It's the same as in your country.  You need an adapter.  Sometimes the electric will go away.  Mostly this takes just a few minutes. In our place we have a generator, so we will have all time electricity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The water in Side has the status of drinking water.  Nevertheless we advise you to use bottles of water, because here they put different nitrates in the water and the stomach has to get used to it.  Bottles of water you find everywere and they are cheap.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


1 Lira is about 20 Pence / 20 Eurocent.  Banknotes:  50 Lira is about 7,- Pound sterling / 8,- Euro and 100 Lira is about 14 Pound Sterling / 17,- Euro. The biggest banknote is 200 Lira, about 28 Pound Sterling / 34,- Euro. The Turkish  Lira was before lot's inflataded.  Nowadays the new Turkish goverment has everything under control, nevertheless: Don't change too much at once, look good to the rate.

The best way you can change your money at the official banks, also you can use there the bankomat.  You also can change your money at the Changeoffices, but they give a low currency. 

By the way you can pay everywere with Euro or pound sterling.  For small amounts its better to use Turkish lira.        Converter


Turkey is still a cheap country for holidays.  Prices are cheap when you compare them with England. Here you need to bargain over the price, specially for souvenirs, clothes, leather and shoes. Turkish people brought up with this, it's part of their mentality and culture.  When you make a sport of this bargaining you can go up to 25% down.  Don't feel pity for them when they say they can't earn money.  Never in the 25 years we are here we met a Turk who sells under his buying-in price.  You cannot bargain in cafes or restaurants, but it's not neccesary while prices are cheap, ofcourse it depend in which place you have your meal. 


Beer (0,5 liter)  £ 3,50      Cola/fanta     £ 1,75       Raki    £ 4,00       Steak    £11,-     Trout    £ 7,-     Chicken    £ 7,-​


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      Phone:  +90 (242) 7531392

​                             0531 2305129


​    Email: side@connys-side.net

Every day 08.30  till 01.00
Kitchen open: 09.00 - 22.30
Bar open: 19.00 - 01.00  

connys is number 1 from all hotels in side turkey

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