We like to thank all guests for visiting us in the past years.  We hope to see you again in 2020. Conny & Ad & Team.               

Things to see / do

When you are in Side you must make some excursions,  special because Sides position is in the centre of the most popular sight-seeings.  Information you can get from your host or we can give.  When there is interest we organise tours to several sight-seeings.  We want to organise trips to places where not too many tourists is going, a little bit different.  Also we are happy to inform you about tours we don't offer, like rafting or Pamukkale.   



The waterfall from Manavgat is not high but very wide.The water comes from the Taurus-mountains and shows a nice spectacle.

Also enjoy the park in which it's laying.  This tour will be combined with a boattour on the Manavgat river and a visit to the local market.



An excursion to Antalya ( capital of the same named province) always will be combined with a visit at the  "Kursunlu" waterfal and the "Duden" waterfal.  At the end of the day you can do shopping for one hour in the antique part of Antalya, next to the harbour.



In Aspendos you will find one of the most well kept amphi-theatres of the world.  In the theatre 15.000 people can be seated and the acoustics is magnificent.  Nowadays shows will be done in the build theatre at the back. Performances like opera and musicals.  When you have a chance to go there please do, because such a performance you only can see once in your life.  In Perge you can see the rest of the antique town "Perge".  Centurys of culture and history will be shown to you.


With a jeep you discover the back-land from Side. The trip will go in the Taurus-mountains with it's beautiful nature and native villages.  Please put on old clothes, because the trip is very dusty. Take suncream with you!!!!!  You can drive yourself if you want.  This trip is inclusive a lunch.  Also there is a possibility to swim.



On a 4-wheel motor you will make a tour in the back-land. You will come on places, where you normally cannot go. The tour takes 3 hours and is with a quallified guide. We organise this trip ourselves when there is enough people to do the tour.


Many times we hire a boat for the hotelguests. We go on the Manavgat-river and later we will go on the sea. Inclusive a nice lunch a board.



Two days excursion to the white limestone teracces of "Pamukkale".  This 8th worldwonder you have to see. The teracces are washed over by water that is rich in calcium and because of that it's growing.  The Turkish goverment protects this area as it is their baby.  Small parts you can visit. In earlier times Pamukkale was a health resort for the Romans.  Also nowadays the calcium-rich water has healing power.



Two or three days trip to the middle of Turkey, about 650 km far away from Side. You pass Konya, the most conservative city from Turkey. In Konya you will visit the dancing Dervishes.  Cappadocie looks like a moon landscape, caused by vulcane-eruptions.

The sculptures look like penises pointing in the air.  They are from tuff-stone,a soft material whats easy to work with.

Christians made here 1000 years ago under the earth complete villages and churches, because they were on the run.  You also will visit a town which has 6 stocks under the earth, amazing!!!!  Do the Air Balloon Trip. A special experience you never forget.



You will see the real Turkish people in the smal villages in the mountains.  You will visit also a mosque,  a school and a Turkish family, where you will drink tea.  When you go into a mosque your arms and legs must be covered with clothes, the women also must cover their head,  but no panic, you will find clothes next to the mosque.


The boat goes up and down  the coast and you will see the castle from Alanya and the pirate, - phosfor and the love cave.At the last cave you can make a jump into the see from 7 meter high. During this day you will enjoy the boattrip and the sun, sometimes they stop for a swim in the christal clear blue sea. Relaxing!!!!!!!!


A unique experience. With a small rubber boat ( 9 people) or in a small kayak for two people you go on the Beskonak-river.  Special in the high season it's nice to go for rafting, while the temperature is hot then and the water from the river is nice cold.  Inclusive a lunch.


In Side there are several diving-schools. They dive with good and modern equipment and qualified divingmasters.  You can take a try-out when you have never dived before. Also the possibility is there to go for your diving-brevet during your holiday.  Also for experienced divers.  We like to inform you about this.


At the beach, 400 meter from  "CONNY's" - hotel,  you can do several watersports like: Jetski - waterski - banana - ringo - katamaran sailing - para- sailing - waterbiking.


In every street you can find a barber, here called coiffeur.  Certainly for the men a big experience.  For about  5 Euro ( 3,5 pound) the berber will cut your hair and shave you.  After that they will put a lot of  eau de cologne on you and you get a short massage of head, shoulders and arms.  Lovely.  Don't forget to bring your camera with you.



In Side there are several Turkish bathhouses (hamam).  Visit a hamam at the beginning of your holiday,  because after a peeling of your skin the sun can more easy tan your skin.  When you come into the hamam you first go to a room where there is a big marmer stone, which is hot.  Many times you will cool of by throwing water over you.  After a short while a masseur is coming in and he will give you a foam massage after he has first peeled your skin. At the end about 2 hours later the oil=massage is for half an hour.  After a visit to the hamam you feel like a reborn.  Costs around 28 pounds. In the direct neighbourhood of our hotel there is a very good hamam.  We are pleased to make an appointment for you.

Do it, you will not regret it !!!​ 


You must have a driverlisence for at least 1 year.  Cars you can rent over us:  "CONNY's"  hotel. Price: 30,- Euro. For longer period it is cheaper. The cars are good and fully insured.  Allways wear your safety-bells, because the police are checking  (fine 30 pounds)!!!!!!!  The maximum speed in a village or town is 50 km/hour.  Outside 90 km/hour.  Alcohol is forbidden.  When you have an accident, we hope you do not, allways ask for the police. They will do an alcoholtest and it doesn't matter if it is early in the morning or at nighttime.  The alcoholpercentage is 0.5.  When you drink alcohol, please Take care!

The roads in Side and environment are good.  But take care the Turks drive like crazy, sometimes we think they got their driver-licence for free.  Very important for Turkish people: horn.  Not important the mirrors, because they never look in it.​

Traffic-lights:  Take care because the Turks don't know the difference between red and green. Be at home before dark.

When you like a map or advice, please ask us. This year 2020 NEW!! Smoking in the car is forbidden. High fines!!!!


A trip with the car to the reservoir and the dam.  Beautiful nature and  panoramics.  Visit the "GOLBASI" Restaurant for a lunch.  The  owner "Sali" will welcome you with open arms.  In this place you can eat tasteful chickenskewers or fresh troutfish.  Take your swimming suit with you, because direct from​ the restaurant you can jump into the lake.  PARADISE ​