We like to thank all guests for visiting us in the past years.  We hope to see you again in 2020. Conny & Ad & Team.               

Blijfbij / Stay-Tuned  July

It’s hot in Side. On 18 august we had a record. It was 42 in the shadow and in the sun the temperature went up to 55. We are counting the days till September, because the the temperature will be more normal.


It’s busy in Side. Special family’s with children are here now, because of the schoolholidays.

Except the extreme hot time there is nothing news we can mention.


We had 2 weeks ago a powercut from 47 hours. Lucky we had the generator. The electric company managed to repair it but 3 days later the problem was there again and we had for 1 week almost every night powercuts. After again a long time working we think the problem is solved. Hiep hiep houray. Normal again.


In the beginning of August we had some Russian guys in the hotel. They came with some exclusive cars and we think on that days there was for a half million Pounds of cars in front of Connys. Impressive not. See the pictures.


There are 2 video’s in it, one was from a nighttrip by boat on an evening we could disappear early. The other one is from a folklore and an oriental evening.


Take care you all and see you or speak to you on another time


Lots of love from Side

Conny & Ad & Staff